How to Get Amazon Alexa App and Echo Dot Setup?

Download the Amazon Alexa app.
You can download the Amazon Alexa app from the play store for android phones or from apple store for iOS. you only need to attend the App store or apple Play store andSearch for “Alexa app.” and download and install the app to your device ( Android, Mac, IOS, Windows).

Turn on your Echo Dot –

Connect your device to an influence source
Now, activate the Echo Dot
When you hear Alexa saying, & Hello, your Echo Dot is prepared for setup.& you're good to travel
Place the device within the right location
The device should be placed at the proper location like:
Eight inches from any walls and windows  
faraway from physical obstacles
Close to the source of the web so it could hook up with the web easily.

How to Setup Echo Dot?

Now, open the Amazon Alexa App and appearance for the device during which you would like to line up echo dot. For that, press the sign within the top right corner
Press the hamburger menu  within the upper left corner then select “Add Device.”
Press the Amazon Echo icon
Now, find your device which is that this case is Echo Dot icon
Click on your Echo Dot and therefore the setup will begin.

Connect Amazon Echo dot to a Wi-Fi network.
Now, you would like to attach the amazon echo dot to a Wi-Fi device to attach Echo Dot with a screen to Wi-Fi: attend settings then select Wi-Fi.
Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the network password (if required). ...
Select Connect.

Sign in to Amazon Account.
Once you've got connected the Echo dot to the wireless network you would like to
sign in together with your Amazon account.
Now enter your Amazon account email address and password. If you don’t have an account create one immediately and obtain started.
Echo dot setup is now through with the setup and you'll start using it
Now, you've got successfully found out the Amazon Echo dot and you're able to make use of its amazing features and functionalities.